Kristy Bhibah
Vice President
Shawna Blonde
Communications Committee - PR Officer
Linda Byers
Membership Committee
Falon Cameron
Director of Public Relations
Alexandra Coles
Stacey Couturier
Charitable Giving Commirtee
Dawn Evans
Co-Chair Club Development Committee
Angela Jones
Chair - Community Services Committee
Sandra King
Community Services Committee
Marie Law
CPCF Chair & Community Services Committee
Barbara LeBlanc
Chair - Communications Committee & PR Officer
Danika LeBlanc
Katy Levesque
Co-Chair -Awards Committee
Susan Malone
Chair - Charitable Giving Committee
Kelli Morton
Director of Commitees & Membership Committee Co-Chair
Shelley Morton
Director of Committees
Beverley Waddell-Nelson
Communications Committee
Joanne Penwell
Director of Education & Communication & Awards Committee
Pauline Richard
Awards Committee
Christine Saulnier
Martha Trueman
National Director of Membership & Charitable Giving Committee
Annette Crummey
Membership Committee
Melanie Schneider- MacDonald
Co-Chair - Awards Committee
Claire Langan
Ways & Means Cmmittee
Theresa Quimby
Community Services Committee
Tammy Todd
Communications Committee
Johanne Bilous